Sunday, December 1, 2013

How To Improve Writing Skill In English

Everyone, including writers benefit from good writing. It becomes an excellent source of entertainment and information , and can be inspirational . Effective writers can have a huge impact on the lives of the people, many have been inspired by the social revolutions . In addition , exercise is great for self-confidence and creativity of an author, more knowledge about many things expands. Here are effective tips on how to improve writing skill in English.

Learn to master the rules of grammar, spelling and punctuation . This may take a while , but the more a person knows of the cornerstones of the able authorship , easier, smoother and full of fun the process becomes . Therefore, good path is grammatically correct .

Try to read as often as possible . Skilled writers read a lot, especially books written by women clerks and master . It is very inspiring and people also gather suggestions about the nuances , style and rhythm and flow of beautiful prose.

Write regularly. Like any type of exercise , it develops and improves many aspects of the process. In addition to developing the mental muscles so to speak , it becomes a habit , which is crucial to the success Penning one . It also tends to bring new and exciting to the fore that could be pursued in future writing assignments ideas.

When you start writing , using language that is simple, easy and clear for all to speak the language can understand. Joints fantasy flowers are ofttimes unpardonable . It is important that readers understand what is being said , instead of being impressed by the use of vocabulary.

Putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard , it is advisable not to waste time a reader . Use fewer words to convey a message or report clearly through . And if one sentence can do this , no need to use two or three. Therefore, it helps to imagine another reader , while putting pen to paper .

It is also best to stick to a particular idea. Novels or stories , for example, have a main theme that unites all . So before you go getting , it is useful to consider one or two sentences the key idea to be conveyed . And not proceed until this is taken care of satisfactorily, otherwise it is bound to lead to confusion .

The next step is to review , discuss and review what has been written . Always do this thoroughly later. It might help to ask someone to read aloud the written content. In this way it is easier to detect errors . The more this procedure is followed , the easier the whole exercise becomes the future.

Enter the name and edit later. This teaches a person to type faster and also to overcome the frustration of not knowing what left when looking at a piece of paper . The key point here is to have a free flowing stream of ideas to find their way into the paper while the internal editor is kept out of the way for now. The development only occurs later.

Of the many useful ideas on how to improve writing skill in English are just a few. But if aspiring writers should observe and practice these often are forced to do amazing things in terms of building skills will in a short space of time . That will result in the process of becoming fun, which is what is supposed to be .

Punctuation - Correct usage of Comma

Sample 1: 

Rewrite each of the following sentences using correct punctuation: 

1. I love him but he doesn't love me.
2. She left home went to the shop and bought some pulses.
3. Rose eats a lot but she's still thin.
4. Peter his closest friend called him on Saturday.
5. Peter lived in Newyork Panama for ten months.
6. I love his voice but I didn't like the song that he sang.
7. My favorite music bands are the Jupiter’s the arid zone and janoon.
8. Peter is a mean bitter man.
9. My wife was born on june 16 1985 in karachi.

1) I love him, but he doesn't love me.

2) She left home, went to the shop, and bought some pulses.

3) Rose eats a lot, but she's still thin.

4) Peter, his closest friend, called him on Saturday.

5) Peter lived in Newyork, Panama, for ten months.

6) I loved his voice, but I didn't like the song that he sang.

7) My favorite musical bands are the Jupiter’s, The Arid Zone, and Janoon.

8) Peter is a mean, bitter man.

9) My wife was born on June 16th, 1985, in Karachi.

PUNCTUATION: Correct comma usage 

Sample 2:

Rewrite each of the following sentences using correct punctuation:

1. I like to eat pizza chocolate and tea
2. I went there but I didn't see anyone I knew.
3. Peter is without a doubt the good looking boy I know.
4. You like her don't you?
5. That's my cat not my sister's.
6. Rose spent her summer swimming riding her cycle and going out with her friends.
7. Yes we do like that tea shop.
8. I was there on October 10 1985.
9. I love my country but you are not.
10. I went to cinema with my friends but Peter was not with us.

1) I like to eat Pizza, Chocolate and Tea.

2) I went there, but I didn't see anyone I knew.

3) Peter is, without a doubt, the good looking boy I know.

4) You like her, don't you?

5) That's my cat, not my sister's.

6) Rose spent her summer swimming, riding her cycle, and going out with her friends.

7) Yes, We do like that Tea Shop.

8) I was there on October 10, 1985.

9) I love my county, but you are not.

10) I went to Cinema with my friends, but Peter was not with us.