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How To Improve Writing Skill In English

Everyone, including writers benefit from good writing. It becomes an excellent source of entertainment and information , and can be inspirational . Effective writers can have a huge impact on the lives of the people, many have been inspired by the social revolutions . In addition , exercise is great for self-confidence and creativity of an author, more knowledge about many things expands. Here are effective tips on how to improve writing skill in English.

Learn to master the rules of grammar, spelling and punctuation . This may take a while , but the more a person knows of the cornerstones of the able authorship , easier, smoother and full of fun the process becomes . Therefore, good path is grammatically correct .

Try to read as often as possible . Skilled writers read a lot, especially books written by women clerks and master . It is very inspiring and people also gather suggestions about the nuances , style and rhythm and flow of beautiful prose.

Write regularly. Like any type of exercise , it develops and improves many aspects of the process. In addition to developing the mental muscles so to speak , it becomes a habit , which is crucial to the success Penning one . It also tends to bring new and exciting to the fore that could be pursued in future writing assignments ideas.

When you start writing , using language that is simple, easy and clear for all to speak the language can understand. Joints fantasy flowers are ofttimes unpardonable . It is important that readers understand what is being said , instead of being impressed by the use of vocabulary.

Putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard , it is advisable not to waste time a reader . Use fewer words to convey a message or report clearly through . And if one sentence can do this , no need to use two or three. Therefore, it helps to imagine another reader , while putting pen to paper .

It is also best to stick to a particular idea. Novels or stories , for example, have a main theme that unites all . So before you go getting , it is useful to consider one or two sentences the key idea to be conveyed . And not proceed until this is taken care of satisfactorily, otherwise it is bound to lead to confusion .

The next step is to review , discuss and review what has been written . Always do this thoroughly later. It might help to ask someone to read aloud the written content. In this way it is easier to detect errors . The more this procedure is followed , the easier the whole exercise becomes the future.

Enter the name and edit later. This teaches a person to type faster and also to overcome the frustration of not knowing what left when looking at a piece of paper . The key point here is to have a free flowing stream of ideas to find their way into the paper while the internal editor is kept out of the way for now. The development only occurs later.

Of the many useful ideas on how to improve writing skill in English are just a few. But if aspiring writers should observe and practice these often are forced to do amazing things in terms of building skills will in a short space of time . That will result in the process of becoming fun, which is what is supposed to be .

Punctuation - Correct usage of Comma

Sample 1: 

Rewrite each of the following sentences using correct punctuation: 

1. I love him but he doesn't love me.
2. She left home went to the shop and bought some pulses.
3. Rose eats a lot but she's still thin.
4. Peter his closest friend called him on Saturday.
5. Peter lived in Newyork Panama for ten months.
6. I love his voice but I didn't like the song that he sang.
7. My favorite music bands are the Jupiter’s the arid zone and janoon.
8. Peter is a mean bitter man.
9. My wife was born on june 16 1985 in karachi.

1) I love him, but he doesn't love me.

2) She left home, went to the shop, and bought some pulses.

3) Rose eats a lot, but she's still thin.

4) Peter, his closest friend, called him on Saturday.

5) Peter lived in Newyork, Panama, for ten months.

6) I loved his voice, but I didn't like the song that he sang.

7) My favorite musical bands are the Jupiter’s, The Arid Zone, and Janoon.

8) Peter is a mean, bitter man.

9) My wife was born on June 16th, 1985, in Karachi.

PUNCTUATION: Correct comma usage 

Sample 2:

Rewrite each of the following sentences using correct punctuation:

1. I like to eat pizza chocolate and tea
2. I went there but I didn't see anyone I knew.
3. Peter is without a doubt the good looking boy I know.
4. You like her don't you?
5. That's my cat not my sister's.
6. Rose spent her summer swimming riding her cycle and going out with her friends.
7. Yes we do like that tea shop.
8. I was there on October 10 1985.
9. I love my country but you are not.
10. I went to cinema with my friends but Peter was not with us.

1) I like to eat Pizza, Chocolate and Tea.

2) I went there, but I didn't see anyone I knew.

3) Peter is, without a doubt, the good looking boy I know.

4) You like her, don't you?

5) That's my cat, not my sister's.

6) Rose spent her summer swimming, riding her cycle, and going out with her friends.

7) Yes, We do like that Tea Shop.

8) I was there on October 10, 1985.

9) I love my county, but you are not.

10) I went to Cinema with my friends, but Peter was not with us.

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Use of Prepositions

Worksheet 1:

Choose the best response for each question:

1. She’s never __________ time, she’s always late
a) at b) on c) in

2. Will you be __________ shop later?
a) at b) on c) in

3. Which road did you park your truck ________?
a) at b) on c) in

4. I’ll see you _________ Saturday.
a) at b) on c) in

5. I’ll see you _________ June.
a) at b) on c) in

6. I met him _________ the party last month.
a) at b) on c) in

7. Can he come by _________ 5?
a) at b) on c) in

8. My friend doesn’t live _________ the same neighborhood as me.
a) at b) on c) in

9. I haven’t seen my friend _________ two weeks.
a) at b) on c) in

10. I just watched that show _________ the TV.
a) at b) on c) in

1) b 2) a 3) b 4) b 5) c 6) a 7) a 8) c 9) c 10) b

Worksheet 2:

Choose the best response for each question:

1. Call me _________ the morning.
a) at b) on c) in

2. Call me _________ Three.
a) at b) on c) in

3. Call him _________ four minutes.
a) at b) on c) in

4. Have you ever been _________ England?
a) at b) on c) to

5. We were _________ Mumbai last month.
a) at b) in c) to

6. Let’s go _________ the sea side!
a) to b) in c) at

7. He’s on his way _________ his friend’s home.
a) at b) in c) to

8. I’ll see you _________ the dinner!
a) at b) in c) to

9. I’ll see you _________ Canada!
a) at b) on c) in

10. I saw you _________ road show last night!
a) at b) on c) in

1) c 2) a 3) c 4) c 5) b 6) a 7) c 8) a 9) c 10) b 

Worksheet 3:

Choose the correct preposition for each sentence.

1. I'm off for three weeks ________ September.
a) on b) in c) at

2. The cat is asleep ________ the table.
a) over b) against c) under

3. I have lived in this home ________ 1998.
a) in b) since c) at

4. My brother ________ work is from Italy.
a) at b) in c) around

5. He wake up ________ 7 AM every morning.
a) around b) on c) in

6. Thank you ________ telling me the truth.
a) in b) by c) for

7. Who did you buy this _______?
a) from b) on c) in

8. The employees have been ________ strike since October.
a) on b) in c) about

9. ________ you and me, there is no clash.
a) Through b) Between c) Among

10. Did you do it ________ purpose? 
a) by b) in c) on

ANSWERS: 1)b 2)c 3)b 4)a 5)a 6)c 7)a 8)a 9)b 10)c 

Use of Correct Word Order in English

Exercise 1:
Answer each question, choosing the response which has the correct word order:

1. Q: Who knows about it? A: It's a secret. _____________ knows about this.
a) Really no one b) No one really

2. Q: How much do you eat? A: ______________.
a) lot I eat. b) I eat a lot

3. Q: Did you answer me? A: Yes, I _____________.
a) called you many times b) many times called you

4. Q: How many times did you tell her? A: _____________ told her twice.
a) I only b) Only I

5. Q: Are you going to try tough? A: I _____________ to do my best.
a) try always b) always try

6. Q: What do you think of Rose? A: I think she's _______________.
a) a little stupid b) little a stupid

7. Q: How many times have you been there? A: I have been _______________ .
a) once there b) there once

8. Q: What is your father name? A: I'm not going to _______________.
a) tell you again b) again tell you

9. Q: Why did you do that!!!??? A: I'm sorry. I was _______________ to help.
a) trying only b) only trying

10. Q: Have you ever cooked this dish before? A: No, I've never tried _______________ before.
a) this to make b) to make this

1) b
2) b
3) a
4) a
5) b
6) a
7) a
8) b
9) b 
10) b

Exercise 2:
Answer each question, choosing the response which has the correct word order:

1. Q: Have you ever used this before? A: Yes, I've _______________ .
a) many times tried it b) tried it many times

2. Q: How many children do you have? A: I have _______________ money.
a) no absolutely b) absolutely no

3. Q: Did you get a better night's sleep? A: No, I only _______________ last night.
a) six hours slept b) slept six hours

4. Q: Your cousin can't come? A: No, and I _______________ much to see him!
a) wanted so b) so wanted

5. Q: When were you in Perth? A: I _______________.
a) was there last October b) last October was there

6. Q: Do you go there often? No, _______________ go there.
a) rarely I b) I rarely

7. Q: Do you believe it's too cold in here? A: No, I don't _______________.
a) too hot find it b) find it too hot

8. Q: So you've seen that picture? A: Yes, I have _______________.
a) seen it b) it seen

9. Q: Where is your bike? A: I'm having _______________ by the mechanic.
a) it repaired b) repaired it

10. Q: You're moving to India? A: Yes, I am. Didn't _______________ ?
a) tell you my son b) my son tell you

1) b
2) b
3) b
4) a
5) a
6) b
7) b
8) a
9) a
10) b 

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Use of A, AN and The

Exercise 1:
Choose the correct one:
1. I am going to ________ show tomorrow.
1) a

2. My nephew is ________ actor.
1) a

3. His brother has ________ very good job.
1) a

4. That was ________ interesting sports.
1) a

5. She is ________ honest girl.
1) a

6. We had ________ really good time yesterday.
1) a

7. Bring ________ umbrella.
1) a

8. Tomorrow will be ________ hot weather.
1) a

9. Peter is ________ good friend.
1) a

10. He want to eat ________ apple.
1) a

1)a     2)an     3)a     4)an     5)an     6)a     7)an     8)a     9)a 1    0)an

Exercise 2:
1. I talk to him for ________ long time yesterday.
1) a

2. She was wearing ________ old Jeans.
1) a

3. Peter is ________ excellent sportsman!
1) a

4. That's ________ very funny joke.
1) a

5. He is ________ really good teacher.
1) a

6. We have ________ exam tomorrow.
1) a

7. I have ________ appointment at 6:00 PM.
1) a

8. She wants ________ doll for her birthday.
1) a

9. He waited for ________ hour.
1) a

10. The student had ________ friendly smile.
1) a

1)a     2)an     3)an     4)a     5)a     6)an     7)an     8)a     9)an     10)a

Exercise 3:

1. Did you see ________ kid that I told you about?
a) the
b) a

2. Did you get ________ invitation card that I sent you?
a) the
b) a

3. She is ________ very good student.
a) the
b) a

4. We ate ________ good meal last night.
a) the
b) a

5. ________ meal that we ate yesterday was great.
a) The
b) A

6. I have ________ test tomorrow evening.
a) the
b) a

7. Which dress do you like? ________ green one?
a) The
b) A

8. I have four pents - a green one, an orange one, and ________ blue
a) the
b) a

9. You must always tell ________ truth!
a) the
b) a

10. I cannot understand how ________ person like him can become lawyer.
a) the
b) a

1)the     2)the     3)a     4)a     5)The    6)a     7)The     8)a     9)the     10)a

Exercise 4:

1. Peter is ________ best professor  in our college.
a) a
b) the

2. She has ________ very nice pen.
a) a
b) the

3. My wife is ________ only person I adore.
a) a
b) the

4. My brother is ________ postman.
a) a
b) the

5. Lee is ________ prettiest girl in our college.
a) a
b) the

6. There is ________ party at Peter's house today.
a) a
b) the

7. What time are we going to ________ party?
a) a
b) the

8. Yesterday I saw ________ really good horror movie.
a) a
b) the

9. Hurry up! ________ movie starts in 10 minutes!
a) a
b) the

10. I need to buy ________ new computer.
a) a
b) the

1)the     2)a     3)the     4)a     5)the     6)a     7)the     8)a     9) The     10)a

Correct Use of Who, Which, Whom and Whose

Practice Sample Sheet 1:
Fill in each blank space with who, whom or whose.
1. Could you tell me ________ that was?

2. The women, two of ________ were drunk, walked very gradually.

3. A boy ________ computer I was using moved to China.

4. I know ________ done this.

5. He didn’t recognize when the book was written, or by ________.

6. We didn't know ________ pen that was.

7. We don't know ________ gave you that news, but it's incorrect.

8. The expert was able to find out ________ fingerprints were on
the pistol.

9. These are some of the people ________ have guided me in the past.

10. I have an idea ________ left the lights on whole night.


Use of Who, Which and Whose

Practice Sample Sheet 2:

It is to remember: Who is generally used for people, which is used for things, and whose indicates possession (ex: "the student whose book I found").

1. The man ________________ flat we stayed in is my elder brother.

2. I couldn't tell _________________ he was, but at last I recognized her.

3. The person ________________sold me my house is a crook.

4. _________________ cup did he give you?  The white one.?

5. I an unable to decide ________________cell phone was suitable for me.

6. _______________turn is it to clean the room?

7. It is difficult to decide _______________the best candidate is.

8. Her last article, _______________I didn't read, was very successful in yesterday newspaper.

9. I am sure and perfectly know ________________book that is, but it's not theirs.

10. My friend Peter Lee, _________________doesn't speak English, had trouble communicating in United States.

1) whose
2) who
3) who
4) Which
5) which
6) Whose
7) who
8) which
9) whose
10) who 

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What to use - ADVERB or ADJECTIVE?

Practice Sheet 1:

Fill in the blank with either the adverb or the adjective.
1. Rose did not want to wake her boyfriend, so she left ________.
a) quiet b) quietly

2. I can't understand her. She doesn't speak very _______.
a) clearly b) clear

3. We had a _______ time in New York.
a) greatly b) great

4. I know the problem, but I couldn't answer very _______.
a) quickly b) quick

5. I don't have a _______ time making good friends.
a) hardly b) hard

6. Peter arrived at the airport_______, and ended up missing his
a) late b) lately

7. Ever since he met Rose, he has looked very _______.
a) happily b) happy

8. I can hear the _______ voice.
a) loudly b) loud

9. He is a very good and _______ person.
a) gentle b) gently

10. That person behaves very _______.
a) badly b) bad


Practice Sheet 2:

Fill in the blank with either the adverb or the adjective.

1. My truck broke down today. I hope the mechanic can fix it _________(quick/quickly).

2. She dances very _________ (good/well).

3. He never lies. He's an _________ (honestly/honest) person.

4. He broke the news to her _________ (gentle/gently).

5. My dog is very _________ (quickly/quick).

6. He make new friends very _________ (easily/easy).

7. You are driving so _________ (quickly/quick)?

8. In the Saudia Arabia, food is not as _________ (expensively/ expensive)
as in United States.

9. He was _________ (complete/completely) misguided by this matter.

10. She always wears _________ (brightly/bright) dress.


Practice Sheet 3:

Fill in the blank with either the adverb or the adjective.

1. You have to be more ________.
a) careful b) carefully

2. I have to walk more ________. We're late!
a) quick b) quickly

3. I done it ________.
a) willing b) willingly

4. He was ________ to assist me.
a) willing b) willingly

5. They know English very ________.
a) well b) good

6. You did your work very ________.
a) good b) well

7. My grandmother is very ________.
a) clever b) cleverly

8. I speaks very ________.
a) quiet b) quietly

9. My neighborhood is very ________.
a) quietly b) quiet

10. What a ________ show!
a) great b) greatly

1) a
2) b
3) b
4) a
5) a
6) b
7) a
8) b
9) b
10) a 

Countable and Non Countable Nouns


It is keep in mind that non countable words do not change in their plural form: for example:
There are a number of students (student/students) in this class.
I have to buy a lot of sugar (sugar/sugars).
(Non countable)
For the beginners who want to learn English with correct use of plurals, the sample worksheets are as under.

Work Sheet 1:
Choose the correct PLURAL form of each word:
1. I don’t have much ______________ (furniture/furnitures) in my house.

2. He drinks a lot of ______________. (milk/milks)

3. These _______________ (table/tables) are very expensive.

4. Would you like some ______________ (tea/teas) with your lunch?

5. Give me those ______________. (cup/cups)

6. This shop offers a huge selection of ______________. (clothing/clothings)

7. He has a lot of pretty ______________. (dress/dresses)

8. ______________ (Animal/Animals) should be treated with respect.

9. There__________ (is/are) a lot of ______________ (pollution/pollutions) in this area.

10. How many ______________ (piece/pieces) of bread would you like?

1) furniture
2) milk
3) tables
4) tea
5) cups
6) clothing
7) dresses
8) Animals
9) is/pollution
10) pieces

Work Sheet 2:
Choose the correct PLURAL form of each word:

1. I recently purchased a lot of new ______________ (equipment/equipments).

2. We have to buy some _______________ (carrot/carrots) for the salad.

3. She wears a lot of diamond ______________ (necklace/necklaces).

4. She used to have long ______________ (hair/hairs).

5. I ate three ______________ (bowl/bowls) of porridge.

6. I can take a lot of ______________. (soup/soups)

7. We have bread for breakfast, but we don’t have any _____________. (butter/butters)

8. There are many populated and big ______________ (city/cities) in this country.

9. I want to buy a lot of ______________ (stuff/stuffs).

10. They found my ______________ (luggage/luggages).

1) equipment
2) carrot
3) necklaces 4) hair
5) bowls
6) soup
7) butter
8) cities
9) stuff
10) luggage 

Build Vocabulary- Practice Tests

This exercise will help practice simple English words. Fill in the blank space with the correct word from the list. Remember – choose the right answer:
Practice Test 1:


1. She lives in a big __________. It has seven rooms.

2. Do you have a cat? No, we have a _____________.

3. Don’t put your bowl on the floor, put it on the _____________.

4. I lost my ____________ in the class. Can I borrow some paper?

5. You have to run across the ____________ to get to the bus.

6. That’s _____________! I’m very sad for you!

7. Is it raining outside? No, it’s _____________.

8. I gave my wife _____________ for her birthday.

9. My cell phone doesn’t work because you don’t have an _____________.

10. The _____________ is very bright today. 

1) house 2) dog 3) table 4) notebook 5) bridge 6) great 7) cloudy 8) flowers 9) antenna 10) sun 

Practice Test 2:


1. Are you _____________? No, I just ate.

2. I became ______________ when she said mean things to him.

3. I’m tired. I’ve been ______________ for 7 hours.

4. Is that your daughter? No, she’s my _______________.

5. Open the _____________. It’s a nice weather!

6. Bring one more _____________. My son is going to be eating with me.

7. Do you know where we are? No, I think we’re ______________.

8. The neighbor’s dog often runs on the _____________ of my house.

9. That _____________ is very flexible. It’s ideal for sleeping.

10. Should I keep this in the center of the garden? No, put it in the ______________.

1) hungry 2) angry 3) driving 4) girlfriend 5) window 6) plate 7) lost 8) roof 9) pillow 10) corner 

Practice Test 3:


1. How many _____________ do you have?

2. Hang the picture on that ____________.

3. He shouldn’t lie. He should always tell the ___________.

4. I have a fork, but I need a ___________.

5. This ____________ is really tasty. I made it from fresh apples.

6. My mother ___________ a tasty meal.

7. I’m _____________ with my result. I could have done much better.

8. It’s her _____________ today! Let’s celebrate!

9. I want to go to the bed because I’m _____________.

10. I’ve been ______________ to answer this question for two hour.

1) children 2) wall 3) truth 4) knife 5) juice 6) cooked 7) unhappy 8) birthday 9) sleepy 10) trying 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Commonly Confused and Misspelled Words

English is world wide language and millions of peoples familiar with English Language, but some time people did not use the correct word in the sentence in daily routine life, and some time confused to pick the right word to use. Below you'll find pairs of words that are commonly confused in writing.
Choose the correct response to complete each of the sentences:

Practice Test 1:

1. They are not going to ____________ this match.

2. Make sure that they receive ____________ money.

3. This is one of the side ____________ of this treatment.

4. I think my shirts are a little too ____________

5. This is really ____________!

6. Taking this medication might _________
___ your body.

7. I didn't know her ____________.

8. Put the cup ____________.

9. The band will be ____________ the ground in about one hour.

10. He is good at grammar ____________ I am.

1.    b)lose
2.    b)their
3.    a)effects
4.    b)loose
5.    b)exciting
6.    a)affect
7.    a)then
8.    a)there
9.    b)exiting
10.  b)than

Practice Test 2:

1. Are you telling me that ____________ not coming to the birthday?

2. She likes to go cenima with both my brother and ____________.

3. Is that his purse or ____________.

4. That isn't your bag, it's ____________.

5. I ____________known you were here.
b)should of

6. Make sure you ____________ your friend on how nice she looks.

7. Those jeweleries really ____________ your dress.

8. This is an ____________ event!

9. The ____________ accuracy of this book is true.

10. ____________ French, aren't you?

1.    b)they're
2.    a)me
3.    b)hers
4.    b)ours
5.    a)should've
6.    b)compliment
7.    a)complement
8.    a)historic
9.    b)historical
10.  b)You're

i hope above excersice will helpful to understand the right meanings of the English words and thier correct use.

Use of Auxiliary Verbs

Practice Exercise 1:

1. ________ he changed much over the months?
a) Has b) Does c) Is

2. ________ she British?
a) Has b) Does c) Is

3. ________ he like to drive at early morning?
a) Has b) Does c) Is

4. ________ you normally study before you go to sleep?
a) Do b) Are c) Have

5. ________ I look tired?
a) Do b) Am c) Have

6. ________ you seen that TV drama several times already?
a) Do b) Are c) Have

7. ________ he leaving tomorrow?
a) Has b) Does c) Is

8. ________ she been to China before?
a) Has b) Does c) Is

9. ________ they coming at 9?
a) Do b) Are c) Have

10. ________ they always deceive?
a) Do b) Are c) Have

1)a     2)c     3)b     4)a     5)a     6)c     7)c     8)a     9)b     10)a

Practice Exercise 2:

1. ________ he as mean as public say?
a) Is b) Does c) Has

2. ________ he know how to play well?
a) Is b) Does c) Has

3. ________ you sad?
a) Are b) Do c) Have

4. ________ you told him yet?
a) Are b) Do c) Have

5. ________ they ever been there before?
a) Are b) Do c) Have

6. ________ that a bad movie?
a) Is b) Does c) Has

7. ________ he in love with John?
a) Is b) Does c) Has

8. ________ you stopped playing Football?
a) Are b) Do c) Have

9. ________ you play soccer on weekends?
a) Are b) Do c) Have

10. ________ your grandfather live in Russia?
a) Is b) Does c) Has

1)a     2)b     3)a     4)c     5)c     6)a     7)a     8)c     9)b     10)b

Practice Exercise 3:

1. ________ the facilitator explain this problem?
a) Did b) Was c) Had

2. ________ the teacher angry?
a) Did b) Was c) Had

3. ________ you spoken to her before she called you?
a) Had b) Did c) Were

4. If you ________ told me, I would have never found out.
a) didn't b) weren't c) hadn't

5. ________ they love each other?
a) Did b) Had c) Were

6. ________ they continue love each other?
a) Did b) Had c) Were

7. ________ you find anything?
a) Hadn't b) Didn't c) Weren't

8. ________ he in my English Literature class?
a) Didn't b) Wasn't c) Hadn't

9. I realized that I ________ learned anything.
a) didn't b) wasn't c) hadn't

10. ________ your brother living in Karachi for a while?
a) Hadn't b) Wasn't c) Didn't

1) a     2) b     3) a     4) c     5) c     6) a     7) b     8) b     9) c     10) b

Use of Capitalization in English

Rewrite each of the following sentences using correct capitalization:
Sample Test 1 :

1.   we saw the pisa tower.
2.   i love learning englsih.
3.   we spent our holidays in the united states.
4.   i’m starting my job in april.
5.   we’re going to india in august.
6.   we often go to the beach in the summer.
7.   one of the courses that i have to take this year is“accounting 2”.
8.   the chinese man was cooking dinner.
9.   i saw peter lee in the lobby.
10.  i’m very bad at math.

1.   We saw the Pisa Tower.
2.   I love learning English
3.   We spent our holidays in the United States.
4.   I'm starting my job in April.
5.   We're going to India in August.
6.   We often go to the beach in the summer.
7.   One of the courses that I have to take next year is "Accounting 3".
8.   The Chinese man was cooking dinner.
9.   I saw Peter Lee in the lobby.
10.  I'm very bad at math.

Sample Test 2 :

Rewrite each of the following sentences using correct capitalization:

1.   i was born in new york city.
2.   his parents were from perth, australia.
3.   when we were in jungle, we saw lion.
4.   the senator was talking to the president.
5.   he was examined by dr. peter.
6.   many good indian actors come from the south.
7.   go north for two blocks, then turn left.
8.   they have a apartment on hub river.
9.   my favorite book is “travel of the world”.
10. uni stands for“united nation”

1.   I was born in New York City.
2.   His parents were from the city of Perth, Australia.
3.   When we were in Jungle, we saw Lion.
4.   he senator was talking to the president.
5.   He was examined by Dr. Peter.
6.   Many good Indian actors come from the South.
7.   Go north for two blocks, then turn left.
8.   They have a apartment on Hub River.
9.   My favorite book is "Travel of the World".
10. UN stands for "United Nations".

Sample Test 3:

Rewrite each of the following sentences using correct capitalization:

1.    these are my favorite colors: red, yellow and green.
2.    did you speak with mr.peter?
3.    he was reading the quran.
4.    both christmas and new year's eve are in december.
5.    he was one of the most famous poets of the eighteenth century.
6.    he bought me a soda.
7.    would you like to have tea?
8.    he grew up in the western part of india.
9.    in cricket, the pakistanis beat the indians again.
10.  he received a master's degree from the university of preston.

1.   These are my favorite colors:  red, yellow and green.
2.   Did you speak with Mr. Peter?
3.   He was reading the Quran.
4.   Both Christmas and New Year's Eve are in December.
5.   He was one of the most famous poets of the eighteenth century.
6.   He bought me a Soda.
7.   Would you like to have tea?
8.   He grew up in the western part of India.
9.   In cricket, the Pakistanis beat the Indians again.
10. He received a master's degree from the University of Preston.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Best Way to Learn English Quickly

Many people want to learn English as an additional language as quickly as possible for a variety of reasons. For some it comes to finding a job, while others have just moved in a predominantly English-speaking country . Whatever the case , to overcome a foreign language is not an easy task. Here below are seven effective strategies on how to get a handle on a new language relatively little effort.
The fastest and also most effective way to learn another language is total immersion. This is mainly to be found in situations where a person is forced to talk about the novel vocabulary to complete the simplest of tasks , whether about asking for directions or the grocery store. In these kinds of situations students will be encouraged to interact with others using the linguistic expressions unknown .

This kind of immersion students can also help to create. So if you live among non-native speakers , try to befriend others who are native speakers. Support these people to social events or gatherings as much as possible to be in the middle of foreign vocabulary . In addition, the Internet is full of services that enable people to learn virtually any language.

Listening and reading the novel sounds and words are meaningful daily activities. It is important to make use of all the different kinds of media, including radio, television, newspapers , magazines and the internet. Watching television is in the - in the language as well as agreement in appropriate radio stations are ideal , despite the fact that we can understand little of what transpires .

Using his prior principle of meaning is useful as well. It is to learn to harmonize the ears to the speakers sounds novel vocabulary do, and do not be too concerned about what it means first. So when we speak of a learner knows the correct pronunciation . And there is a great exercise for this. It involves reading the target vocabulary aloud to yourself on a daily basis for about 20 minutes while listening carefully to the sounds.

Learners can also be pro - active in turning the immediate family environment in an immersion resource. For example, write new words on sticky notes and stick them on the corresponding objects is a great way to learn new words and their meanings. It is also useful to make a habit of reading aloud every day to the sound and meaning are fixed permanently and quickly.

Of course , speaking in a foreign language as often as possible is the surest way to learn to master it quickly means . And never mind making mistakes. It's part of the territory , so to speak , and this is the way to do away with it. To put it simply , the more the individual vocalise fastest foreign phrases it takes to master these .
It is also useful to try to read English newspapers on a daily basis . And reading aloud when they do enough speed things up. As children's books , newspapers are written in an easy to understand manner and are error-free in terms of grammar and punctuation . Anyone wishing to learn English or any other language will do well to continue the previous bit of advice.

Effective Methods To Quickly And Easily learn English Grammar

We can not deny the fact that learning proper English grammar is important. Want to feel embarrassed every time he speaks English with a lot of grammatical errors ? Do people have trouble understanding when speaking English or confused with what you said ? Being able to speak and write English properly is a key criterion for success and expand their employment options and career . Many people who would otherwise be successful are being held back by his poor handling of English grammar .
There are many methods one can learn to master English grammar, but I'd recommend the best 5 Effective Ways .

1. Learn the rules of English grammar and memories memory . As you know , grammar is the rules of language that describes how to form sentences . Need to know these rules in the same way as in mathematics which require the calculation rules and formula in order to obtain the correct figures . One of the best ways to memories , the rule is to write them in a notebook and refer to it continuously until he wishes to all . However, just remember the rule is not enough, you need to do so many English grammar sheets and exercises as possible. Preferably objectively doing English grammar test sheet , and repeat the exercise until you have all the right answers . One of the best English grammar test worksheet I found online is autotick English grammar worksheet where you can learn at your fingertips instantly by entering a password.

2 . Read as many English books , magazines and newspapers as you can. Although it is said that reading may not appear to be a secondary activity - effective learning , the truth is that the more you read , the more it is able to observe the sentences that are grammatically correct . When reading books , you should focus on how to build passages and phrases. You should be aware of grammar rules used for that particular phrase that you are not sure . Then remember , mark them and think why is used the way it is . You may need to consult a good grammar reference book or dictionary to confirm the use of grammar. This eventually will help the grammar in a long run , when he realized the sentence patterns found as you read .

3 . Studying a specific grammar rule and focus on it one at a time until it is fully conscious and able to use it successfully . For example, if you are focusing on the use of verbs in the past tense , then you should study in detail its use throughout the day. If you are unsure of how to put a specific verb in the past tense , you must solve by finding the correct answer during the day until you got it right . As go time, you will be able to know the correct verbs in the past tense and then you can move to the next challenge with other grammar problems you may have .

4 . Discover and memorize English common mistakes most often committed by people . As the rules of grammar, these memories is necessary also in order to avoid making the same mistakes. You can just do a search on the internet and find the list of English grammar errors frequently committed memory and memories.

5 . The last step in learning English grammar is to learn with fun. There are many types of educational games , English grammar sheets , video games and even board games that are fun to learn available online. It is true that we do our best, if we like to do . If you are not having fun learning English , you soon get bored and reluctant to continue. When it's fun , there will be a motivating force to keep you stay in the learning task .

In conclusion, there is no shortcut to master the English language. Learn the correct use of English grammar is just one of the requirements to master the English language.

It is estimated that one in five people in the world can speak English . You may be surprised to know that there are people who speak more English , only in China than in the United States of America! It is therefore very important to be able to speak and write correct English if you want to expand your employment options and career and succeed.

Learn English with Online Tutor

English is a language worldwide . The advantages of learning English online can not be extra stressed . To be internationally competitive , you need to speak the global language. It is certainly necessary to study English speaking language. Therefore, the activity of the English tutor online courses thrive. Apart from English and English tutor online guru, there are elements of aid available for those hoping the way to learn English online . To study or studying English audio is the best way . Support audio equipment is required to learn the correct pronunciation .
It is generally supportive in creating expressive capabilities using English for beginners. Another strategy is to study English at home. This kind of online tutor English is commonly used and provided especially for experts who are too busy to extra time to verify a language center or study . It is convenient not only through English can be run on the comfort of his own home. But the availability of sufficiently flexible schedule to fit their lifestyle as professionals and beginners of the language at the same time .

Having to learn English online expertise is widely recognized . Time flexibility , however , it is certainly a problem. But with the proliferation of services , so we can learn English at home , time is the least of problems. In addition, using language elements like audio for studying English, learning is no longer confined within the four sides of a classroom. There is no hassle or people who are usually moving. With audio materials , they can get through their English on the road.

People who are serious about learning to learn English by taking online courses have a wealth of choices to choose from . There are many study methods out there to study another language , so that learners can search for a strategy that appeals to them. They may also consider the opinions of online users to learn more about many techniques and classes, and they can use this information to determine whether a strategy is a good choice for their unique personal style student or not. The English tutor online, it is easy for people to do their analysis on many methods studying English , making it possible for people to find the good choice for them. You can get inspired by the English to improve your English are VIP member and also a lot of options available from home for beginners and intermediate English .

With our easy to use recorder , VIP members are able to practice speaking English anywhere, anytime. English articles on happiness , inspiration and other subjects up lift allow you to learn English through positive emotions , which will strengthen your relationship with language. You can listen to your voice and compare it to the native speaker 's audio output is also included with each item English lesson . All of our items include words or important to know before reading the sentences, which allows you to focus on building your vocabulary and see how important these terms are used .

If you do not know what a word means in any part of an English lesson , simply double -click the word and give you our integrated with the definition, pronunciation and part American Dictionary speech. Speaking English is often one of the biggest challenges for many English learners . The use of the VIP method that allows them to become familiar with English speaking aloud and be able to compare their accent to an English immediately . This will help with your confidence in speaking English, accent reduction and further immerse yourself in the English language. Listening to talk yourself after registration, you will be able to identify the intonation and pronunciation differences between you and the English language. This kind of self-assessment will improve your speech and get used to speak English on a regular basis .

Things you should know before Teaching English Abroad

In today's world , many people are interested in taking job teaching English abroad and have the opportunity to travel to exotic places and learn about new cultures or just to get a lucrative career. But before you decide to take jobs teaching English abroad , one must know the conditions required for such work.
Above all, people are expected to come from a strong academic background , fluent in English and complete a training course certified English teacher TEFL course before he or she can take jobs teaching English abroad . TEFL courses are the most popular choices for aspiring ESL teachers because they are recognized and accredited worldwide . Before entering the workplace , we must be aware that there are various forms of TEFL courses provided by the certificate holder openings for specific jobs. Based on one of the credentials and experience , you can get a job teaching English abroad in schools , universities , language schools , or even societies. It is a duty to investigate the availability of jobs, the pay and benefits packages and personal preferences before taking jobs teaching English abroad.

The TEFL ( Teaching English as a Foreign Language ) certification course is the minimum requirement to be met for teaching jobsabroad . TEFL Certification Course is a complete course of modern technology and the skills of teaching English. Help a teacher to develop basic language skills such as speaking , listening, reading and writing as well as vocabulary building . This course is designed to teach young students and therefore , involves understanding their psyche and planning courses and lessons accordingly. Classes take place interactively to ensure maximum participation and better retention . The TEFL Certification course also covers specific teaching methods , such as classroom management , student management and management of any crisis that may arise within a classroom. This course provides all the essential knowledge required for teaching English language and embedded in a master of a great deal of confidence .

The course TESOL ( Teaching English to students of other languages ​​or Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages ​​) is a more advanced course . This is a complete course in the know -how of the teaching of the English language . This course is elaborate but help in preparing a teacher to teach adults and young students. The obstacles in the way of teaching English to people who are born with a different native language are many and varied . Teachers in this course are qualified to teach English language concepts such as grammar and comprehension. They are trained to develop basic language skills necessary to communicate in English and vocabulary. The experience of the teaching of phonics , context and the modeling language and forms of communication are part of the TESOL course . Help a teacher to plan and implement appropriate lessons for a specific group of apprentice. This course enables a teacher in the psyche of a group that includes practices of people from different age groups , backgrounds linguistic , regional and cultural . The TESOL course is a fully comprehensive course enables a teacher to teach mixed groups and large with confidence and handle a crisis that may arise in the classroom.

How To Improve Writing Skills And Write Effectively

I sincerely believe that, the basics of effective writing are a must, even if you can outsource your article writing. Once you have a website or blog, you will need to make a written one way or another, so you might as well make a concerted effort to improve your writing skills . Writing is actually not as difficult to master if you can put a little effort and seek help from those who know better feat .
You do not have to be an award-winning write effectively enough to have your own original articles published on article directories on the internet writer. The secret of writing is actually know exactly what you want to convey in your writing. Thus, the mastery of the subject you are writing is a must.

Second, you also need to write just as you can . How do you do this , you may well ask. Always try as much as possible to write in the active voice . For example, instead of writing : "The chocolate was eaten by John" , it is best to write . " John ate chocolate" As you can see, the second sentence is shorter , simpler and direct to the point of course , there will be instances where you will have to write in the passive voice , as in the following sentence . " it rained heavily yesterday," Trying to write this sentence in the active voice would be impossible and ridiculous to write: " the rain rained yesterday . "

Another important aspect of effective writing is to make you avoid ambiguity in your sentences . For example, the following sentence may have one or two meanings: " David asked Lee if he could play midfield. "This sentence is ambiguous because we can not be sure that the antecedent " he "is David or Lee . Thus, in order to clarify this statement, you can rewrite the sentence in two different ways that will make sure the drive that you really mean you could possibly write. :
"David asked Lee who between them should play midfield," or alternatively:

"Lee, can I play midfield?" David asked.

In these last two sentences , we are quite sure who is doing what.

Bad spelling is not an excuse for any writer would . If it is not sure how to spell a word , have a dictionary handy on your desk. A spell checker on your computer will also be of great help . Punctuation is also an important part of effective writing . Remember that writing is a natural form of communication, where punctuation helps convey mood , pause, interjection or end of a sentence. It will be advisable to have a good grammar book from which you can learn to master the rules of grammar.

Finally , writing improves with practice and perseverance . The more you do , the better you become. In addition, it is a good idea to read articles from other authors , as far as possible. In this way , you will soon internalize the art of writing good articles and publish them on the net Article directories.There nothing more satisfying than seeing a message from someone from another part world commenting on the good content of your article.

It can only mean one thing : that you got your message across and that someone out there was impressed because your writing has been effective.

How to make Spoken English can be easy

We can't underestimate the importance of spoken English . Actually there is not a company that really require experts in English. The most popular language in the world is English and not the result of ambiguous factors . Everywhere around the globe communication takes place in this language and delegates who do not feel comfortable with this want help of translators .
Possibly people engaged in continuous printing contrast the English spoken seriously feel its essence right into your heart. I myself believe that the language is not the good of a community or nation selected . This really is a method of transmitting the ideas of others. A reputation acquired language only after people look up easy to understand or test . English is certainly that kind of language .

An even more fabulous element of this language is its power to incorporate keywords in many other languages ​​with due credit to its root. Many hundreds of terminology in English has its roots in different languages ​​such as French , Hindi , Latin and Arabic , and so on. That is precisely why it really is expanding into other languages ​​preferable choice words ignoring languages.

And so , the popularity of this language is natural. People recognize that right after coming through the basic skills of grammar and do day to day practice someday will be willing to get the most coveted projects . Besides English Learning really should be entertaining rather than tension. This requires a professional with a state of mind to recognize the concerns faced by new students. The guru , as all exit points , needs to be an ocean of patience .

The formation or really spoken English courses should incorporate love , empathy , along with attention to detail. Building high-level vocabulary to get dictionary words has also been tried by some with limited or no result. The best method is to learn a few words every day and use them immediately. Your home is truly the place to start and young children are the best friends test because I never have complaints to grammatical or pronunciation errors made ​​. It is also possible in - pull Spoken English Courses of ideal institute in your city. For many people who do not want to leave his place , World Wide Web is a great option. You will discover spoken English courses online by paying a small amount of money.

The fear of speaking in decent English is self inflicted. The proper way to overcome nervousness is to grab the bull by the horns. If you happen to communicate any English , but I really feel that other people make fun of you , your anxiety is not reasonable . However, every time someone makes fun of you , the easiest way to find it is actually by joining people laughing at yourself. This makes these guys without arms so he probably will retire .

Periodically , we condemn the conditions for our poor English . I believe that when one has the will to read and learn , starting even when those around you find the English word all foreigners . The human race has , for a period of time , acquired feats previously considered an area of ​​fiction. Find out what a single isomer : enter the space or speak a few lines in English? That is basically simple , diving or voice "How are you ? " To a young child?

I am sure that so far, it really has the answer. Learning English is not difficult. It's just a mindset that makes a simple and easy paper or difficult. So, ready and excel in the skills spoken and written English .