Monday, March 17, 2014

Methods to learn English for Business

Students can go to Business English UK to develop the necessary skills and study at the same time their knowledge of the English language for their business success in the completion of their study of English language courses in London UK .

Nowadays there are many methods and materials for preparation and equipment employees to better do their job.
Here are some of them that fit into a group of active learning methods :
- Case Method
- Project method
- And the process for forming

Case - Procedure
Recently , in the world of practice start interactive lectures, more and more popular, and the case method is used to implement solve the management problems in real life the theoretical knowledge obtained . The combination of these methods is the synergy effect . The case is the deeper analysis of the business situation. Not the case method Strokes Under the process of learning , but to participate in the discussion where teachers act as facilitators , the management of the student discussions with relevant questions and provide the assessment to the ideas that are generated in the class.

Such group discussions are similar to the laboratory classes in the higher educational institutions of the art , giving students the practical experience of the implementation of the theoretical knowledge obtained during lectures .

Another objective of the case method is to give students the opportunity to businesses and real conflict situations to analyze , so they solve problems and in a manner which is a big advantage of this method . In leadership and team members Discussions in the classroom, where so many members of the group are involved , provide the students with diverse business experience in professional areas in which such an exchange of ideas, is a further advantage of this method.

However, the biggest advantage of the case method is that students teach each other and the experiences of other participants in the group. This process is much better than just listen and take notes.

These advantages have made the case method popular in business schools around the world, and some schools have used this method to be the foundation of the curriculum.

The project method -
It is in the business training used in these days and it is one of the most popular methods that are used in modern schools around the world.

The method is based on the process of practical implementation of all that has been learned in the theoretical lessons are based . For example, the lecture on e -mail is the first contact with a supplier. To this end , students get to learn a mapping to the style of writing at first. Then they try to send an e -mail , by analyzing a few letters , including stored some clich├ęs that are used in business correspondence , and once was the error they write the final and that to the companies with detailed information about the suppliers by given to the teacher. Basically, you get a project - one letter , according to the rules of business correspondence written in English. This method is good because the students have a chance to deal with real life tasks . The quality of learning language is higher in comparison with some other teaching methods.

Training method -
Learn to teaching students some theory and after that they get a chance to put it into practice. Then the participants a bit more information than they afterwards everything that has been learned to practice , will learn .

Draw the conclusion from the above, it is obvious that the active participation provides a good level of memorization of new material and its implementation in practice.

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