Friday, August 22, 2014

Types of shops in English

Store - a store that sells many different items in different departments. Harrods is probably the world's best known stores. 

Supermarket - a store that sells mainly food and household products. 

Grocer (UK) / supermarket (US) - a store that sells food. 

Greengrocer - sells fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Butcher - sells fresh meat. 

Baker - sells fresh bread and pastries. 

Fish - fresh fish sold. 

Chemical (UK) / Pharmacy (US) - sells medicines and toiletries. 

Pharmacy (US) - selling drugs. 

Kiosk - sells newspapers and magazines. 

Stationer - sells paper products. 

Optical - sells glasses / contact lenses. 

DIY store - sells things for home improvement. 

hardware shop / hardware / ironmonger - non-perishable, such as nails and screws products. 

corner store (UK) - a store in the corner of your street, selling a range of staples - food, newspapers, candy, bread, etc. 

delicatessen (deli) - selling specialist food usually is not found in supermarkets. For example, an Italian deli, an Asian deli. 

library / bookstore - books. 

market traders (people who work in a market) with stalls selling fruit and vegetables, clothing, household items and so on - market. 

pet shop - for pets and pet food. 

flea market - a group of stalls selling furniture or old clothes. 

tea shop (United Kingdom) - like a cafe, but sells tea and cakes. 

petrol station (United Kingdom) / station (US) sells gasoline, automobile products and sometimes food.

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