Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fun Ways to Study English in Australia

The best way to learn English is in class. However, if you've been studying for a while improvement may be reduced to a staggering rate. The best way is to soak in the culture and this should not be too difficult since they are already here. The less stressful activity better and must point to activities that are quick and easy. Here are 3 fun and exciting to learn English in Australia anyway.

Music and Videos
A great way to start learning English is to listen to the radio. You will be able to start collecting the words and better understand Australian slang. Jump into iTunes and find a podcast that interest you and listen to the podcast while driving. Download your favorite English speaking artists. Listen to your music and entertainment, and search their interviews.

There are plenty of English movies and TV shows you want to see. You can find them on TV, in theaters or online. Even if you do not understand what you are watching you will be able to pick up if the show is a comedy or horror. You can watch with subtitles, if you need a little extra help.

Converse in many conversations and try to be the one to start talking in English. Pay attention to the conversations of others and try to understand the general topic they are talking about. Try to impersonate your favorite talk show or sing along with your favorite music artist. This vocabulary ready for all kinds of jargon and abbreviations. Read aloud the names of the storefronts, posters and other signage.

When comparing prices, find customer service and start speaking in English, even if you know what you want. Purchase items through chat, and in person or by phone. Start sending messages in English, like Twitter and Facebook. Ask English speaking friends; will be able to help you with the best material to study.

Take a class in English hobby, like cooking or football. This will help a lot with communication skills, rather than pick up a class in your native language. Head out to the city where everyone speaks English and you will even find bars for backpackers and international clubs where tourists hangout. You can practice your English with them and may even be interested in learning your mother tongue.

If you want to know more fun and exciting to learn English or if you are ready to start then jump online and look for an English teaching organization that offers free practice test IELTS ways. The IELTS test helps determine your current level of English proficiency in speaking, reading and writing. The results of this examination (IELTS score) can be very important for employment and residence in Australia.

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