Monday, October 6, 2014

Intonation and Speed of Speaking

Many people from different countries have the wrong intonation, because their teachers had the wrong intonation. In many situations as monotonous is better than bad intonation. The worst is when someone goes up and down too much on every word. Another thing you should avoid is to end up at the end of a sentence.

To correct improper intonation, you must remember to begin and end up low. You can not do it any other way. I recommend the interview section to go and listen, asked one of the audio files from a native speaker available. You will hear the correct intonation. After listening to the audio, record yourself and listen to it. Does it sound the same? If not, then find the areas that are different and make the necessary corrections.
This advice is very trivial, but the intonation is relatively easy to correct. You can fix your intonation with only a little effort. If you are a friend, the English as a first language, you can usually fix intonation in a few lessons. Recording yourself and you might hear yourself boring, but with proper intonation can go a long way to go.

I have many students who had laid down their intonation by two small meetings. The advice I gave them was the same as the above. This will work, and if you want to speak with the correct intonation, please follow this advice.

Speech Rate
A common mistake of people to get their English with improper pronunciation and intonation, is the speed at which they speak. Because they do not have to perfect pronunciation and intonation, it is difficult, people who understand talk too fast. This is the biggest problem I saw from people who win the confidence in speaking.

To improve your communication, and hear, "excuse me" less often, it is important to have to speak the correct speed. For people with confidence, my advice is to slow down and speak clearly. Words together do not mix too much and make sure to separate words with a small break for words that are difficult to pronounce.

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