Sunday, November 17, 2013

Effective Methods To Quickly And Easily learn English Grammar

We can not deny the fact that learning proper English grammar is important. Want to feel embarrassed every time he speaks English with a lot of grammatical errors ? Do people have trouble understanding when speaking English or confused with what you said ? Being able to speak and write English properly is a key criterion for success and expand their employment options and career . Many people who would otherwise be successful are being held back by his poor handling of English grammar .
There are many methods one can learn to master English grammar, but I'd recommend the best 5 Effective Ways .

1. Learn the rules of English grammar and memories memory . As you know , grammar is the rules of language that describes how to form sentences . Need to know these rules in the same way as in mathematics which require the calculation rules and formula in order to obtain the correct figures . One of the best ways to memories , the rule is to write them in a notebook and refer to it continuously until he wishes to all . However, just remember the rule is not enough, you need to do so many English grammar sheets and exercises as possible. Preferably objectively doing English grammar test sheet , and repeat the exercise until you have all the right answers . One of the best English grammar test worksheet I found online is autotick English grammar worksheet where you can learn at your fingertips instantly by entering a password.

2 . Read as many English books , magazines and newspapers as you can. Although it is said that reading may not appear to be a secondary activity - effective learning , the truth is that the more you read , the more it is able to observe the sentences that are grammatically correct . When reading books , you should focus on how to build passages and phrases. You should be aware of grammar rules used for that particular phrase that you are not sure . Then remember , mark them and think why is used the way it is . You may need to consult a good grammar reference book or dictionary to confirm the use of grammar. This eventually will help the grammar in a long run , when he realized the sentence patterns found as you read .

3 . Studying a specific grammar rule and focus on it one at a time until it is fully conscious and able to use it successfully . For example, if you are focusing on the use of verbs in the past tense , then you should study in detail its use throughout the day. If you are unsure of how to put a specific verb in the past tense , you must solve by finding the correct answer during the day until you got it right . As go time, you will be able to know the correct verbs in the past tense and then you can move to the next challenge with other grammar problems you may have .

4 . Discover and memorize English common mistakes most often committed by people . As the rules of grammar, these memories is necessary also in order to avoid making the same mistakes. You can just do a search on the internet and find the list of English grammar errors frequently committed memory and memories.

5 . The last step in learning English grammar is to learn with fun. There are many types of educational games , English grammar sheets , video games and even board games that are fun to learn available online. It is true that we do our best, if we like to do . If you are not having fun learning English , you soon get bored and reluctant to continue. When it's fun , there will be a motivating force to keep you stay in the learning task .

In conclusion, there is no shortcut to master the English language. Learn the correct use of English grammar is just one of the requirements to master the English language.

It is estimated that one in five people in the world can speak English . You may be surprised to know that there are people who speak more English , only in China than in the United States of America! It is therefore very important to be able to speak and write correct English if you want to expand your employment options and career and succeed.


  1. Extensive Reading may give the language learner an effective tool to acquire and internalize the grammar in a fun and meaningful way...