Thursday, November 21, 2013

Correct Use of Who, Which, Whom and Whose

Practice Sample Sheet 1:
Fill in each blank space with who, whom or whose.
1. Could you tell me ________ that was?

2. The women, two of ________ were drunk, walked very gradually.

3. A boy ________ computer I was using moved to China.

4. I know ________ done this.

5. He didn’t recognize when the book was written, or by ________.

6. We didn't know ________ pen that was.

7. We don't know ________ gave you that news, but it's incorrect.

8. The expert was able to find out ________ fingerprints were on
the pistol.

9. These are some of the people ________ have guided me in the past.

10. I have an idea ________ left the lights on whole night.


Use of Who, Which and Whose

Practice Sample Sheet 2:

It is to remember: Who is generally used for people, which is used for things, and whose indicates possession (ex: "the student whose book I found").

1. The man ________________ flat we stayed in is my elder brother.

2. I couldn't tell _________________ he was, but at last I recognized her.

3. The person ________________sold me my house is a crook.

4. _________________ cup did he give you?  The white one.?

5. I an unable to decide ________________cell phone was suitable for me.

6. _______________turn is it to clean the room?

7. It is difficult to decide _______________the best candidate is.

8. Her last article, _______________I didn't read, was very successful in yesterday newspaper.

9. I am sure and perfectly know ________________book that is, but it's not theirs.

10. My friend Peter Lee, _________________doesn't speak English, had trouble communicating in United States.

1) whose
2) who
3) who
4) Which
5) which
6) Whose
7) who
8) which
9) whose
10) who 

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