Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Countable and Non Countable Nouns


It is keep in mind that non countable words do not change in their plural form: for example:
There are a number of students (student/students) in this class.
I have to buy a lot of sugar (sugar/sugars).
(Non countable)
For the beginners who want to learn English with correct use of plurals, the sample worksheets are as under.

Work Sheet 1:
Choose the correct PLURAL form of each word:
1. I don’t have much ______________ (furniture/furnitures) in my house.

2. He drinks a lot of ______________. (milk/milks)

3. These _______________ (table/tables) are very expensive.

4. Would you like some ______________ (tea/teas) with your lunch?

5. Give me those ______________. (cup/cups)

6. This shop offers a huge selection of ______________. (clothing/clothings)

7. He has a lot of pretty ______________. (dress/dresses)

8. ______________ (Animal/Animals) should be treated with respect.

9. There__________ (is/are) a lot of ______________ (pollution/pollutions) in this area.

10. How many ______________ (piece/pieces) of bread would you like?

1) furniture
2) milk
3) tables
4) tea
5) cups
6) clothing
7) dresses
8) Animals
9) is/pollution
10) pieces

Work Sheet 2:
Choose the correct PLURAL form of each word:

1. I recently purchased a lot of new ______________ (equipment/equipments).

2. We have to buy some _______________ (carrot/carrots) for the salad.

3. She wears a lot of diamond ______________ (necklace/necklaces).

4. She used to have long ______________ (hair/hairs).

5. I ate three ______________ (bowl/bowls) of porridge.

6. I can take a lot of ______________. (soup/soups)

7. We have bread for breakfast, but we don’t have any _____________. (butter/butters)

8. There are many populated and big ______________ (city/cities) in this country.

9. I want to buy a lot of ______________ (stuff/stuffs).

10. They found my ______________ (luggage/luggages).

1) equipment
2) carrot
3) necklaces 4) hair
5) bowls
6) soup
7) butter
8) cities
9) stuff
10) luggage 

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